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The New Business Deduction

By John J. Vento, CPA, P.C. – December 4, 2018 Stop worrying and start preparing  A new deduction is available to businesses with qualified business income (QBI). While that’s great news, new deductions (especially ones with lots of rules) can bring anxiety and confusion. Never fear! Ensuring you […]

5 Tips to Keep Your Customers Coming Back

By John J. Vento, CPA, P.C. – December 4, 2018 Happy, satisfied customers are essential to the health of every business. Increasing competition, online review opportunities, and unlimited access to information up the ante on the importance of quality customer service. Here are some tips to help your […]

How Online Reviews Can Help Boost Business & How To Get More

Tips from Tom & Co. Staten Island Chamber of Commerce member Tom & Co. informs members that Google reviews are becoming an essential part of marketing for small business. Why are they so important?Google reviews effect: Your rankings in local search results on Google (i.e., Staten Island dentist, Staten Island personal injury attorney) Which search results show […]

Elements of a Good Business Partnership

John J. Vento, CPA, P.C. – July 11, 2018 Like a bundle of sticks, good business partners support each other and are less likely to crack under strain together than on their own. In fact, companies with multiple owners have a stronger chance of surviving their first five […]