Wiesner Bros. Nursery Inc. still growing and celebrating 90 years of business

Don’t let the outside fool you when it comes to Wiesner Bros. Nursery Inc.

“People say they drive by Victory Boulevard all the time, but because the building frontage is mainly along Victory, they don’t realize what’s behind the buildings. And we have 8 acres,” said Hans Wiesner. “We’re trying to get people to stop and come in because it’s like you’re stepping back in time. I have clients come into the nursery all the time, and they say they can’t believe it. They feel like they’re upstate.”

The mere size of the nursery and garden center – which offers a vast selection of plant material, garden art, and garden furniture – is not the only reason why Wiesner Bros. is celebrating its 90th anniversary.

The staff, which has spanned four generations dating back when Hans’ grandfather Max launched the nursery back in 1928, has always been willing to lend a helping hand to the community.

“Community is very important to us. We’ve been here for 90 years by investing in the community and making the relationships with the people in the community and giving back to them,” said Hans, who runs the nursery along with his brother, Ralph Jr.

Knowledge is another key ingredient to the nursery’s longevity. As a registered landscape architect, Hans displays his insight to help customers achieve their desired design.

“As a landscape architect, my training encompasses looking at the overall picture and being a steward of the land and not just focusing on the simple planting,” said Hans, who needed to undergo extensive training and pass numerous tests to achieve that coveted title. “You have to
think how planting this will impact drainage and grading.

“I find more people nowadays desire to have a well-thought-out landscape plan,” he added.

While Wiesner Bros. Nursery Inc. has been in business since 1928, they have been a member of the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce since 1954. Those 64 years of affiliation ties the nursery for the eighth-longest tenure of current members.

“The benefit of being with the Chamber is you’re vetted because they understand you’re a natural, legitimate business and that you’re an expert. And then what happens is that they feel comfortable in referring you,” said Hans.

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