Regional Information

Altitude & Location


Altitude:    55.0 feet
Latitude:    40 deg / 36 minutes N
Longitude:    74 deg. / 10 minutes W
Lowest Point:    Sea Level
60.9 square miles /38,507 acres
13.9 long
7.3 miles wide (extreme breadth)
57 miles of waterfront


Richmond, New York City, named after the Duke of Richmond, son of King Charles II of England.

Staten Island is the southernmost county in New York State – the third largest county (borough) among New York City’s five counties covering 60.9 square miles. It is five miles from Manhattan and a half mile from Brooklyn. New Jersey on its western shore separated by the Arthur Kill waterway. From north to south Staten Island is 13.9 miles and from east to west 7.3 miles. Four major bridges and the Staten Island ferry connect the Island to surrounding areas.


(Comprised of 62 towns) – Staten Island, founded in 1661 (formerly Richmond Borough, renamed Staten Island in 1975). Originally named Staaten Eylandt allegedly by Henry Hudson. Other islands under Staten Island jurisdiction are: Hoffman, Meadow, Prall’s, Shooters, and Swinburne.

Official Flower

Pinkster Azalea

Official Flag of Staten Island

The flag is on a white background in the center of which is the design of a seal in the shape of an oval. Within the seal appears the color blue to symbolize the skyline of the borough in which two seagulls appear colored in white. The green outline represents the countryside of our borough with white outline denoting the residential areas of Staten Island.

Below is inscribed the words Staten Island in gold. Under our borough name are five wavy lines of blue to symbolize the water surrounding us on all sides. Gold fringe outlines the flag.

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