How Online Reviews Can Help Boost Business & How To Get More

Tips from Tom & Co.

Staten Island Chamber of Commerce member Tom & Co. informs members that Google reviews are becoming an essential part of marketing for small business.
Why are they so important?
Google reviews effect:
  • Your rankings in local search results on Google (i.e., Staten Island dentist, Staten Island personal injury attorney)
  • Which search results show on Google maps (and get clicked on)
  • Whether or not to do business with you
How do you get more reviews?
  • Ask! The best way this works is if you make it a part of the sales process. You want to ask customers to leave a review right after they have been delighted by your service/product
  • Develop a marketing campaign to get more reviews. This could be online (social media, email) or offline with print (postcards, newsletters)
What are some tips for dealing with a negative or fake review?
  • Respond quickly
  • Flag or dispute fake reviews
  • Rectify the situation

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