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Resources to Help You with Common Human Resources Functions

At the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce, we help our member businesses reduce costs and protect their interests. Many of our members are small businesses and may not have the capacity to employ a human resources specialist. Below you will find resources to help you with common human resources functions, including tax forms, hiring, recruiting, creating policies for your business, and other forms. 

Hiring and Recruiting

Employee Hiring Package: Application Form, Disclaimer of Implied Contract, Fair Hiring Documentation Form
When you are hiring someone, there are many things to consider. Finding the right person for the job is certainly one of them. But just as important are taking steps to protect yourself from charges of discriminatory hiring practices. The attached file contains four documents that will help accomplish all these goals. Click here to download an Employee Hiring Package.

Sample Interview Script
This script was developed from Dr. William S. Swan, Interview Guide; Mary Rudder and Dale P. King, “Interviewing and the ADA: How Do You Get Beyond Strengths and Weaknesses,” Americans with Disabilities Act Forum on the Progress of Implementation, Washington, D.C., January 25, 1993. These guidelines apply to all interviews. You can use or eliminate any of these questions, but be careful about adding any that aren’t business related. Click here for a Sample Interview Script.

Sample Information Release Authorization
When you attempt to check references supplied by a potential employee, you may find that many people and institutions will ask for a release before providing information. The attached file contains a sample information release form that you should have signed by prospective employees. The purpose of the authorization is to let former employers, educational institutions, and personal references know that the applicant about whom you are seeking information has consented to its release to you. Click here for a Sample Information Release Authorization.

Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification
The federal Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, is used by employers as a record of their basis for determining eligibility of an employee to work in the United States. The form is kept by the employer and made available for inspection by officials of the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Labor, and the Office of Special Counsel for Immigration Related Unfair Employment Practices. Click here to download a 1-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form.

Sample Drug Testing Employee Consent Form
If you are hiring someone whose duties will include driving a car or truck, it may be advisable (or necessary) to ask potential employees to undergo drug screening. In many cases, your insurance carrier may require it. The attached file contains a sample form that may be used to request that applicants undergo a drug test as a condition of being considered for employment. Click here for a Sample Drug Testing Employee Consent Form.

Business Policies and Forms

Sample Absence Policies
While any business operates best when all employees are present, employee absence and tardiness create more of a problem in some businesses than in others. The attached file contains two different sample absence policies. Also included in the file is a simple form that can be used to track employee absences. Click here for Sample Absence Policies.

Sample Workplace Sexual Harassment Policies
Sexual harassment can present serious problems for a business owner. In addition to creating tension in the workplace and potential friction between employees, it can significantly cost you if an employee decides you haven’t done enough to prevent it. Your first line of defense against sexual harassment occurring in your workplace is to have a clearly stated policy. Click here for Sample Workplace Sexual Harassment Policies.

Sample Drug Testing Policies
In some small businesses, the work that is being done is high risk or dangerous enough to warrant drug testing, either at the time of hire, during employment, or both. If your business falls into the category of those that drug tests employees, you should have a written policy that explains how drug testing works and what employees can expect. Click here for Sample Drug Testing Policies. 

Business Tax Forms

IRS Business Resources Visit this website for links to a variety of forms with instructions that businesses will need while filing, reporting, and paying business taxes.

Firing and Termination

Sample Reference Release for Employees Who Leave
When an employee leaves, it is best to come to an explicit agreement regarding what information relating to the ex-employee you will disclose, and to whom it can be disclosed. The attached file contains a sample employment reference release that spells out the terms under which references will be provided. Click here for a Sample Reference Release for Employees Who Leave.

Sample Employee Termination Contract Waiving Rights to Sue
When an employee leaves your business, it is always a good idea to ask for a general release relating to the employee’s termination. Click here for a Sample Employee Termination Contract Waiving Rights to Sue.

Social Security

Social Security Information for Employers
From the Social Security Administration: Use this link to find information about W-2s, Social Security Number Verification, and other business services online.

From an Employee Benefits perspective
Social Security is a vital part of every Staten Islander’s financial future and rounds out most employer retirement plans. Some Social Security-related facts to consider:

  • In Richmond County, Social Security pays a total $1.15 billion in monthly cash benefits each year to nearly 82,000 retirees and workers with disabilities, as well as their families, including the families of workers who have died.
  • Through Supplemental Security Income, our program based on need, we pay an additional $104 million in monthly cash benefits each year to nearly 15,000 vulnerable seniors and people with disabilities who live on Staten Island.

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