Disabled Parking Task Force public awareness campaign

The holidays can be a time when shoppers make several quick stops along their route and run into businesses for just a few minutes. With limited parking, they may have the urge to park in a designated disabled spot since they feel they won’t be shopping too long.

Assemblyman Michael Cusick and Task Force members — including the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce — were on hand at the Staten Island Mall on Nov. 30 to remind shoppers to be more considerate with those spots as the Mid-Island politician kicked off the start of his office’s 14th annual Disabled Parking Task Force public awareness campaign.
“We formed this task force with local businesses, groups that work with the disabled, the New York Police Department, and the Department of Transportation because it’s important we let people know these spots are designated for people with disabilities,” said Cusick. “We do this reminder at this time of year because this is when there’s a huge influx of people using their cars and going in for shopping. We want to point out that’s it’s very important that if you abuse those spots, it costs someone a day because they count on those sports to do their ordinary shopping.”
The lawmaker also cited the importance to keep disabled spots open and free from snow once the weather changes.  
“Staten Islanders have always been good neighbors to each other, and during this holiday season, we try and point that out,” he said.
Any Staten Island business that wishes to participate in the campaign should contact Cusick’s office (718-370-1384 or via email at, and a Task Force volunteer will install a sign in their parking lot reminding shoppers to reserve the disabled parking spaces for those who truly need them.
Those in attendance at the event were: Michael Anderson, Staten Island Chamber of Commerce; Michelle Sabatino, the Staten Island Center for Independent Living; Jim Easley, the Staten Island Mall; Victoria Giordano, New York City Department of Public Transportation; Joe Crocitto, New York Police Alliance; Dennis McKeon, Where to Turn; and representatives from the New York City Police Department.

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