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MaryLee Montalvo, MLM Public Relations – September 17, 2018

There are many uses for the Cloud as modern-day workers opt to work remotely for a number of reasons, making the Cloud a necessary component for everyday business operations. Printer manufacturers have also leveraged this growing trend to allow secure and remote printing and scanning of files from and to any remote location where there is Internet connection. Yet, many are still not sure what the Cloud is and how it can be used.

What is the Cloud?
The Cloud is basically a remote network of servers where you can securely process data. If you’ve ever worked with Dropbox®, Google Drive® or Evernote®, to name a few, you were using the Cloud and probably weren’t even aware of it.

In simpler terms, you can securely save files to a secure and remote server from any location and can also scan or print those same files to and from any networked MFP (multi-functional printer). All you need is Internet connection.

Some Cloud applications are free and some are not, but most are a combination of the two. It might depend on the amount of data you will need to process on average. For the average Internet surfer, something like Google Drive’s 15GB of free space is sufficient. However, some businesses will need a lot more storage to process more data and would want to consider a subscription.

Can I Print from the Cloud?
Some printer manufacturers have implemented a version of secure offsite printing, and Canon’s latest mobile solution is a step toward that direction.

Through personal and authenticated print queues, users can remotely print confidential documents from any Canon-compatible mobile device to any Canon MFP, allowing more flexibility in today’s busy offices. Working remotely was never easier or safer.

Can I Scan to the Cloud?
Canon’s mobile printing and Canon’s mobile scanning solution come combined as one packaged product. In addition to printing, users can also scan documents directly to themselves or onto a secure Cloud account. That same file can be later retrieved from a different location.

This mobile printing solution is sure to save businesses time and money in a variety of ways. Administrators can track and assess printing, copying, faxing and scanning costs directly within the Cloud and can find specific areas that need the most attention in either repairs or cost-savings.

Reliable Office Solutions offers Canon products in its large portfolio of technology equipment and solution. For more details on Canon’s latest mobile printing and scanning solution, talk to one of our agents at 1-800-784-6001. You can also reach us on any of our social media platforms: LinkedInTwitter or Facebook.

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