Chamber On The Go

As a small business owner, it’s hard sometimes to devote valuable portions of your day away from the job. But you may need help with certain aspects of your business. That’s the benefit of Chamber-On-the-Go. The Staten Island Chamber of Commerce works with the NYC Department of Small Business Services to provide guidance and access to free services. And the best part? You never have to leave your storefront.

City agency representatives will come to your business and can serve as compliance officers or they can aid with issues such as commercial leasing, incentives, financing, and training. And it’s all free.

And be on the lookout for us. Members of the Chamber will periodically tour areas of Staten Island and meet with businesses to present information of services. Our goal is to help build trust with government agencies and business owners.

Supported by the City Council Speaker’s office, the Council – which is locally comprised of Council members Joe Borelli, Steve Matteo, and Debi Rose – provides funding to carry out the Chamber-on-the-Go initiative.


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