Building Awards Program

The Staten Island Chamber of Commerce hosts an Annual Building Awards Program. The event aims to highlight the the beautification and continued development of Staten Island. It also creates great exposure for the companies within the industry on Staten Island.

At the event, the Chamber of Commerce honors a variety of Staten Island properties, recognizing their excellence and achievement in design and construction. Awards are presented in the following categories:  exterior, interior, natural beauty, outdoor space design, interior decorating, craftsmanship, art and/or green building. Each entry is judged by a panel of industry experts in October. The Building Awards program was redesigned in 2016 to accurately reflect and acknowledge the building and design industries’ achievements in Staten Island. The diversity of our growing population and increase in new building and remodeling projects on Staten Island contributed to this redesign.

Special discretionary awards includes the Hard Hat Award, Adaptive Reuse Award, Sandy Restoration Award, Best in Green Award and Historic Renovation Award, which reflected the thoughtfulness and talents of the applicants’ added level of achievement. There is an award banquet held, typically in December, to honor the winners and highlights the hard work of Staten Island. 

In addition, six high school seniors are awarded Allen Hauber scholarships, by NARI-HIC, to further their education in the architecture, engineering, construction, remodeling or mechanical industries. It offers a one-time scholarship up to $2,500 towards their freshman year tuition in an accredited program. Hauber, who passed in 2014, was a valuable member and executive vice president of NARI-HIC of Staten Island.

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