Member Advantages

Networking & Events

Signature Programs

Networking and interacting with fellow business owners is proven to be a successful way to get your name out in the community.

Member Meetups

Members from all different fields have the opportunity to come together and network in a relaxed environment.

Event Calendar

The Staten Island Chamber of Commerce holds plenty of events throughout the year that can help fit with your busy schedule.

Business Guilds

The Business Guilds are networking groups within the SICC. Each Guild Chapter has approximately 25 members and each member is guaranteed exclusive representation in their business category/profession. Each week, dozens of business owners, executives and professionals gather for hour-long meetings. The purpose of each group is to work towards increasing each other’s business success. These weekly meetings help to build close professional relationships by affording members the opportunity to learn about each other’s businesses, share tips, exchange leads and hear speakers on a variety of topics.

Young Professionals Group

The YPG has been creating networking opportunities for new and old Chamber members alike since its formation in 2008.


When you join a committee, you gain two benefits: You help the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce and you expand your network of contacts.

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