The Naso Organization, LLC grateful for opportunities provided during its 25 years with the Chamber

Frank Naso’s path to becoming president of The Naso Organization, LLC wasn’t as simple as it may seem.

As an early teen, Frank accompanied his father, Vincenzo, to numerous construction projects and learned plenty about the business. However, Vincenzo wanted to ensure his son learned different aspects of the business world. 

“He suggested I try something different so I could get a taste of something different, and I could live my life without regrets,” said Naso.

“I worked at a deli for five years during high school and college, and at one point I actually thought I wanted to open my own delicatessen,” he said. “Then just one day during my junior or senior year at college it clicked on me, ‘This is not what I want to do.’ I want to be in the construction business. I like building houses. I enjoy being with my dad and seeing how you buy a piece of land, and then you get to create something. The creating part is what fascinated me. Even the approval process fascinated me.”

So when Frank graduated from St. John’s University, he was ready to make his impact in the construction field. The problem was the economy was in a recession.

“I felt I wasn’t learning because there wasn’t much going on,” said Naso.

When a friend informed him about a master’s degree program for real estate development and investment at New York University, Naso thought that would be a smart decision.

 “As I went through the program, I realized it was sharpening my skills. When I returned to the industry full time after finishing NYU, I was ahead of the game and ahead of my competition. I knew a little more about financing than most guys plus how to market things better,” he said.

That enhanced knowledge gave Naso the confidence to explore other avenues.

“I encouraged my father to do some bigger residential projects as well as commercial. So we invested in those projects, which helped create a bigger machine of an organization. Over the years, we built 1,000 homes and over 20,000 square feet of commercial real estate. We now manage and own multiple residential and commercial properties throughout New York and New Jersey.”

Another change Naso wanted to make was joining the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce in 1994. By joining the Chamber, he made many connections and learned a lot that helped him become the businessman that he is today.

“I learned you need to be involved in organizations to know what’s going on,” he said.

“And I knew the Chamber would solidify the Naso Organization as a legitimate company.”

Naso became a judge for the Chamber’s Building Awards for Excellence in Design & Construction before serving as chairman for a few years.

Participating in the Building Awards also benefited his clients.

“Not that I didn’t pay attention,” he recalls, “but when I saw some of the projects, it made me focus more on my detail. It made me step up my game a little bit more.”

“I received a lot of recognition, and people became more familiar with me. It was very important to show my face at a public venue and be proud to be part of something so big on Staten Island. I always appreciated that honor,” he said.

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