Strong relationships help Duo Plumbing & Heating Corp. reach over 80 years in business, including 25 with the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce


Duo Plumbing & Heating Corp. prides itself as a third-generation business with a commitment to “establishing relationships more than customers.” It seems those relationships have paid off since the company has remained busy for over 80 years courtesy of its numerous commercial, industrial, and residential clients.

Founded in the Boro Park section of Brooklyn in August 1938 by John A. Boccieri and his brother-in-law Peter Chiarello, Duo became a household name for plumbing repair and alteration work in that area for over 20 years. In 1958, the two decided to go separate ways. John moved to the Canarsie section to pursue new residential projects, and Peter stayed put continuing the jobbing and alteration work as Duo Contracting Inc. John stayed in Canarsie until making the move to the Charleston area of Staten Island in the fall of 1974. It has been operating from that location ever since.

In the late 1970s, Duo transferred leadership from John to his two sons, Eugene and Michael. Still currently active, they have been joined by Gene’s son, John, who now represents the third generation. In addition to their own family, many of Duo’s employees, some of which have 35-40 years with the company, now have their own children working there, truly making Duo a “family run organization.”

After almost 45 years in the borough plus 25 years with the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce, Duo Plumbing & Heating Corp. attributes its success to maintaining satisfied customers.

Its proof? Several of the company’s residential home building clients on Staten Island contain second- and third-generation owners while other long-term relationships with local clients have existed for over 40 years.

“The way you treat people and the way you conduct yourself on the job site… your men have to pick up on the fact that it’s not just about you. It’s about the entire project. It’s about working with the other people on the job,” said Mike Boccieri. “It needs to be cohesive, and you can’t worry just about getting your particular job done. If you’re only about yourself, there are many other contractors in the field that can do the work. It’s not just about getting the job done; it’s about making it a successful project for all.”

While Duo Plumbing & Heating Corp. has maintained strong relationships over the years, Boccieri cites his relationship with the Chamber as being a true difference maker. Some Staten Island sub-contractors that did Hurricane Sandy relief work under the city’s Rapid Repairs program were having issues with getting paid. Duo Plumbing & Heating Corp. was one of those companies and was owed over one million dollars after a short period of time.

“(Chamber President and CEO) Linda Baran was able to help a lot of the contractors and trades that were having trouble getting paid. She gave us a voice with the people that mattered in the city which helped us tremendously,” said Boccieri. “Linda was a great aid. She helped us get some publicity when we weren’t getting paid despite doing the work. I will always be grateful to her for her participation in helping not only Duo Plumbing but many of the other local contractors who were involved in the relief program.”

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