Quality referrals the key to long-term success for Constructive Concepts

If you’re looking to upgrade or repair your home or business with quality paving or masonry landscaping, one place you could turn to is Constructive Concepts. Just don’t ask Edward DeGaetano for any of his promo materials. Instead, it’s the referrals that keep him busy.

“I haven’t made business cards or brochures or anything advertising probably in over 10 years,” said the president. “It makes me feel that my goal has been achieved.  What I set out to achieve has been done.

“I want to give people the best job that I can. I want to show them why they chose Constructive Concepts instead of someone else. And they were happy with everything from the pricing, the job, and the service,” said DeGaetano. “I look at it that it’s my name out there on every job.”

If that’s the case, then the jobs must be great since Constructive Concepts has been around for 30 years and is celebrating its silver anniversary as a member of the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce.

“Generally speaking, we start getting busy at the end of March, beginning of April. Then we sometimes get a little bit of a slowdown in the summer because people are going on vacations or they want to enjoy their backyards instead of having them ripped up. Then it picks up like crazy again after the summer,” DeGaetano said. “There’s been lots of years, including many recent ones, where I stay busy right through the summer.”

It’s only fitting that the Charleston business benefits from word of mouth since that was one of the original reasons he joined the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce back in 1993.

“I heard great things about the organization. I figured it would look good for my resume and I figured I could get some leads out of it,” he said.

In addition to the positive referrals, DeGaetano believes he remains busy because more customers desire pavers for their landscaping ideas.

“If it’s done the right way, it’ll last you a lot longer than any other paving application. Concrete will always break. When the ground freezes, it lifts. And when it thaws, it retracts. That constant movement will eventually crack concrete,” he said. “And you really can’t fix it, and you have to change it. And when you change one piece, then you’ll have discoloration from the rest of it. With the pavers, if you get any settlement or if one breaks or chips, you can always swap it out.”

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