Lexus of Brooklyn drives to 25 years with the Chamber


Lexus of Brooklyn might be located in Bay Ridge, but Staten Island remains in the marketing forefront for the dealership.

“We don’t have a Lexus dealer in Staten Island, so it’s really important to get the word out that we’re here and to encourage people to come our way,” said Eugene Woods, general manager at Lexus of Brooklyn. “Many of our customers are from Staten Island. Plus, many of our customers are small businesses on Staten Island.”

In addition to the customers, the staff at Lexus of Brooklyn remains mostly local.

“About 80 percent of our employees live in Brooklyn or Staten Island so essentially we’re doing business with each other. Around 30 percent of our team comes from Staten Island, so we’re tied in tight with Staten Island,” he said.

Since the dealership opened on Sept. 1, 1989, Woods has seen the popularity of Lexus grow “tremendously.”

“With the advent and awareness of leasing, it allows people to drive a nicer vehicle for an affordable monthly payment. We’ve seen so many people who purchased near-luxury now stepping into luxury vehicles with the assistance of a good lease,” he said. “Customers get that luxury experience they’ve been looking for, and they get to drive a car that has a little bit more prestige. They feel a little more accomplished in what they drive.”

The general manager said commuting helps play a role in why some customers choose Lexus.

“So many people spend several hours per day in their car. Traffic patterns are heavy around New York, so Lexus makes the ride a little more comfortable,” he said. “Customers that were living in Brooklyn and Staten Island continue to work here even if they have relocated to New Jersey. But they still do business with us because of the relationships we’ve had with them over the years.”

The relationships customers have with the dealership personnel is important, and something Woods feels is a strength at the family-owned and operated Lexus of Brooklyn.

“We have low turnover with our staff so we can provide a familiar face for those customers who return to do business with us again. That’s not always happening in the automotive business. That stability helps us,” he said.

Lexus of Brooklyn has demonstrated stability with the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce as the dealership is celebrating 25 years with the organization.  

“Over the years, we’ve sponsored different (Chamber) events. We recognize that a lot of Chamber members support that common thread of charity,” he said. “Not everybody that comes in and buys a car says they’re a member of the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce, but I recognize the names.” 

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