Gregg T. Ilicito celebrating his 25th year as a member of the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce

People find different sources of motivation for success. Gregg T. Ilicito was no different.

“When I left my previous job, I really wanted to prove to myself that I could do this on my own and without the help from the firm that I was working for. I think that’s really what the key was for me,” said the Charleston-based certified public accountant.

With Ilicito celebrating his 25th year as a member of the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce, it appears selecting that justification as his motivation was the right call. He also understood the importance of connecting with potential clients since the CPA started his solo business just one year before joining the Chamber.

“I was looking to network and find out what was going on in Staten Island because I was working in New Jersey before I went on my own,” he said. “I think it gives credibility to what you’re doing because people will respect the fact that you’re involved with the community and the Chamber. I think from that standpoint, it was a good move.”

While Ilicito has obviously adjusted to modifications in government policies and laws, he also cites the interactions and preferences of his clients as considerable changes through the years.

“The ability to communicate with a client on the fly very quickly through email, texting, and cell phones gives you multiple ways to communicate with your clients and stay in front of them,” said Ilicito, who embarked on his solo career in 1992.

“Everything today is geared towards paperless,” he continued. “We used to spend all the time printing paper and give to our clients. Now, we basically can post it on a portal. The younger people seem to gravitate towards that. They don’t want any more paper in their life.”

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