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PAC Plumbing

We fell on some hard times, especially during the recession, when we had a tragedy in the family. The Chamber of Commerce is a place where I went to meet professionals who really cared and helped us get back on our feet and showed us the direction where […]


If any Chamber of Commerce members are not using this assistance, they’re doing a disservice to their company. The Talent and Workforce Development Specialist digs deep to find good candidates to go in front of you. They take most of the heavy lifting away from us. It’s invaluable. […]

Wealth and Legacy Group YEA!

Watching them grow from just the thought of having a business to owning their own business is just remarkable, something that most of them thought would be impossible at their age. Their confidence grows tremendously throughout the 20-week program along with their belief that more is possible if they […]

Empire State Bank

The Staten Island Chamber Job Board allows us to give a simple job description and reaches out to numerous job seekers with matching skills in those described areas. Their personal service, attention, and resources has given us the results that truly make a difference in our hiring strategy.” Esmeralda […]

RPM Insurance YEA!

It’s the most rewarding thing you’re ever going to do in your life. The kids love it. The kids appreciate it. We make appreciable differences in their lives. It’s amazing what you can do and what these kids teach you. Michael Porpora Vice President, RPM Insurance & first […]

Wil-John’s Tire Empire

“When a business is doing well, we all have the answers. When extreme challenges arise and we don’t have the answers or the resources to make the necessary connections, we can always turn to the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce for guidance.” Rob Gullery owner, wil-john’s tire empire