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The Chamber acts to improve the economic climate and expand business opportunities on Staten Island.

About the Chamber

Founded more than a century ago, the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce (SICC) is Staten Island’s largest and most respected business organization.

We represent the interests and serve as the voice of more than 9,000 businesses of all sizes and sectors throughout all four shores of the borough. With more than 700 members encompassing 250 categories, Chamber members range from small, family-owned storefront shops to leading institutions to larger employers.

The vast majority of our members are small companies with fewer than 10 employees. Membership hails from many contrasting and wide-ranging industries such as accountants, bankers, and financial service providers to automotive service professionals, contractors, and plumbers.

The SICC has been serving merchants and residents since 1895. Our mission continues to be to improve the economic climate and expand business opportunities on Staten Island while enhancing the local community.

The Chamber has been at the forefront as the go-to source for members’ networking, advertising, educational, and advocacy needs. Furthermore, we remain a valuable resource for consumers since thousands of referrals for members’ goods and services are provided annually.

Visit this site to read all about the Chamber’s offerings. If you still have any other questions, feel free to “Call the Chamber!”

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